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    Thanks for dropping in to read up on my new post! I’d just like to thank everyone who has been following my posts and I love all the hype! Last weekend my website was even brought up over the announcements at an ANQ at Sand Del Lee MX Park!

     Unfortunately last weekend at Sand Del Lee did not go the way I had planned. I had some ups and downs, but primarily downs. I raced my very first Pro AM and Intermediate race and it was a big eye opener. I did have one good moto in Pro AM as i finished 14th out of 26 on Saturday morning. I never really got in my groove and never showed my true potential. The worst part was not my riding tho, as Sunday morning I had a crash in first practice and ended my day with a mild concussion.

     This past week I have been taking it easy trying to get back to 100% as concussions are risky business. My rehab has been pretty simple as the concussion wasn’t very bad. I have been busy this week doing some work with sponsors as well as looking for new supporters. I came up with some really cool promoting ideas and can’t wait to get them underway. Gamma Sales has been wicked to me in 2013 and I couldn’t be happier with the way things are going. They are a Canadian business who support, so many Canadian athletes,  be sure to click their logo on my Sponsors page to visit their site.

    I’m going to try something new and do a really short photo report of my past week! Please disregard my amateur photography and feedback is much appreciated!


Kolbie is a top notch promoter! Here he models his Chic Bowtique, Dragon Optics Bow!


Kyle Blakely ( owner of Windmill Motorsports ) demonstrates true dedication as he preforms a late evening fork seal change on the tail gate of his Ranger.


Jeff at Gamma Sales loves to send surprises.


Chag Racing is always snapping pics out at Sand Del Lee. Here I preform perfect technique.


I got some coverage in the DMX photo report 🙂 Thanks Kyle/ Dawn


Although I couldn’t ride I had lot’s of time to teach the neighbors how to ride with no training wheels.


I was a hit at Hunter’s birthday party as I gave every kid a tour!


Kelston had a blast for his very first time on a dirt bike.


This day has been long awaited for Hunter. If this kid gets a bike all I can say is look out Walton you are going to have a new 50cc champ!


This says it all!

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