All I have to say is Walton has done it once again. This year the talent pool is really deep, the facility looks to be in great shape and head to head racing every minute of everyday it doesn’t get much better then this! I’d just to congradualte all the hard working racers who have made it to TransCan and all the racers who accomplish their goals this week. Special congratulations to some of my pals Dylan Wright, Weston Wrozyna, Taylor Arsenault, Scott Cameron, Nick Jones, Renee Riendeau, Nathan Bles, and so many more putting in amazing rides so far.

Mind Blown!

Hey everyone, I hope you have been having as much fun watching all of the industry news as I have.

     This is my absolute favorite time of year! Like how could it not be? We have Summer X Games, Loretta Lynn’s, MXGP, Australian Nationals, AMA Nationals, Canadian Nationals and Trans Can at Walton Raceway next week!!!! I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but we have a lot of great talent in the world. I would just like to congratulate some people I can name of hand, Josh Hanson ( Best Whip ), Jeffery Herlings ( MXGP MX2 World Champion ), Brett Metcalf ( Canadian MX1 National Champ ), Taylor Arsenault ( First Point in Canadian Nationals ), Justin Brayton ( X Games Gold in Moto X ), Jaquelin Strong ( Qualified in Canadian MX2 ), Joey Crown ( Multiple Loretta Cahampionships ), Nate Adams ( X Games Gold in Speed & Style ), Ronnie Renner ( X Games Gold in High Jump ) and congratulations to so many more competing over this past week.

    The Largest congratulations goes to my main sponsor, and good friends Kyle and Leanne Carruthers whom have gotten married this past weekend.I wish you guys a happy, long life together full of smiles, cheers, and laughs. Congratulations!!!!! 

    As for me, well I have been good. Work has been good and steady, riding of course has been fun, teaching some riding lessons for kids getting ready for Walton, and Shai got a bike last week and that has so far been a blast! All in all I have no complaints.

    I apologize for the rushed post this week, but here is the photo report!



This is Zach Chauvin, a seven year old rocket I have been training this past week. Watch for this kid next week at Walton he will be the one crushing ruts in perfect form.


Says it ALLLL!!!!!



Two of the most dominant riders this past week at Loretta’s!


Best X-Games battle I have ever seen! Congrats to all three of you!


Yup! This is the Walton Amateur pits.


So happy to see Dusty Klatt back in action…


Dylan Wright (far right) is the first Intermediate racer to ever podium a Canadian National. This won’t be a one time deal folks, GET USED TOO IT!!!!




Jeffery Herllings MXGP MX2 World Champion


Brett Metcalf : To be honest I doubted that you would dominate the Canadian Nationals, but obviously I was wrong congratulations.


Little Hanny takes X Games Best Whip! I was really surprised, but man oh man did he deserve it!

nhybg gbsg

The weather is hot so stay cool everyone!

Thanks For Reading


   Hey everyone thank you for visiting the site and following what I’m up to.

It’s been pretty crazy these last few weeks and it’s kept me from posting for awhile! I’ve been working full time at the Leamington District Memorial Hospital (LDMH), enjoying some musky fishing, and of course some riding too. Motocross has been very tough this season for me. It seems every time it started looking up things turn and go bad. I’ve won some races and I’ve had rougher moto’s then ever in my past. Intermediate and pro are a whole different step that take full commitment and a whole lot of funding. The commitment this season hasn’t been hard for me as this is my passion and I expected it to be tough. The funding on the other hand has been tougher then ever. At this level you ride 3-4 times a week, so you need to have two bikes, a practice bike and a race bike. The reason for this is a 250f only lasts 40-60 hours before it needs a top end rebuild and it’s to risky putting all the hours on the bike you intend on racing. Not only do you need two bikes, but you need parts for the bikes, to build a full race bike, you wear out gear like you couldn’t imagine, and the biggest expense is traveling all over the east coast. What I’m getting at is it’s expensive when it’s all out of your own pocket. Then in addition to that the mental game is unbelievably stressful. 

In conclusion I’ve made the most depressing decision of my life and I will not be attending the east coast nationals for 2013. It’s been an overwhelming year for me and it’s all come to fast. At this point motocross has lost it’s fun and became dangerous as I wasn’t mentally prepared. Don’t misunderstand me I’m not quitting just taking a step back and slowing things down. My plans as of now, are to work hard at building relationships with sponsors, get back to having fun, spend some time teaching lessons, make some money, attend some local races, and stay safe.

I apologize to all the people who were looking forward to seeing me at nationals, and to the sponsors that this effects. I’m going to keep the site rolling and keep everyone updated as I have all year.

Huge thanks to everyone who supports me. Everyone at Asselstine’s Country, Jeff at Gamma Sales, Kyle at Windmill Motorsports, directmotocross.com, Fly Racing, Dragon, Forma, MD Distributions, Hindle, Crank Works Canada, Boardwalk Dental, Actionetix, Ryno Power Supplements, Atlas, Sign Design, BG Lures, Shepards Guide, my girlfriend Shai, my parents, and all of my family and friends. I appreciate all of you like you couldn’t imagine. Thanks 🙂

PS: Maybe, just maybe you may see the #105 or #159 at The Mini Olympics this winter in Florida 🙂

Here is a quick photo report.


Michael Tebruegge snaps some pretty awesome pics if you ask me!


Huge thanks to Fly Racing, Dragon, Forma, and Asselstine’s Country for keeping me looking fresh!


Went 1-1 in the A class


It was 102 degrees and the track couldn’t hold any moisture.


Like I said it was dry!


Maybe a little dusty too. Speaking of Dusty I’m so pumped to see him back from his injury and I’d just like to take a second and say “Good luck and let’s see a Canadian on the top step of the box at Gopher!”


Poster picture??? I bet Jeff from Gamma Sales likes this one!


Speed and Style?


Hmmm? Think they would notice if I borrowed the Cobra? Maybe I could pull a holeshot!


People say fishing is relaxing…I don’t think this fish understood that concept!


After 20 minutes of getting muscled around buy a fish. It’s relieving to hold it up for the camera.


Dry, Dusty, and Concrete. Braaaaap




It’s pretty awesome when you have a fan club! Thanks for the support!


I’m going to end it with this! Excited? Ya me too!
Good luck buddy!!!!


   It’s been another great week all over it seems!

   I hope no one missed the AMA Highpoint National on T.V. Saturday! It was a wicked race, the Ryan’s were an unstoppable force once again this week in the 450 class. The KTM boys are being very consistent in the 250 class, they are persistent and their starts are just unreal. 

   On the Canadian side it was a busy week all over! The national this week in Kamloops BC, was very up and down if you ask me. Colton took a hard crash in the first MX1 race and is said to be out with a broken leg! Hopefully one of our other Canadians ( Tyler Medaglia, Jeremy Medaglia, Kyle Keast ) can step up and challenge the Leading Edge Kawasaki of Brett Metcalf. Another big bummer award goes to Jeremy Medaglia as he scored a DNF in moto 1 due to a tangle up. Auston Politelli dominated the MX2 class followed by Benoit. I really wish Jeremy Medaglia would have rode his 250 and 450 just to spice things up.

   As for me I didn’t do to much. I cross trained over the week playing some lacrosse, cycling, and trial riding. I was back on the bike for the first time since my concussion last Monday at the Erie Ramblers Club. Then again on Tuesday I rode at Tilbilly MX Park and my moto’s are getting better. My lap times are very consistent and my sprint times are improving as well. My Asselstine’s Country Suzuki RMZ 250 is running great and with the Windmill Motorsports Suspension it’s riding smoother then ever. Over the next few weeks depending on funds I am planning on building my race bike. I have never had a bike built specifically for me so I am ecstatic to get it underway.

   Sunday was a busy day as I made my way out to Tilbilly MX Park to teach my very first lesson of the season. Unfortunately two students backed out last minute due to bike issues, but it worked out well for Travis and Austin. I had a whole program planned out for them and it worked out perfect! We had a lot of fun and the guys improved drastically over the six hour training period. The track was perfect and we were the only bikes on the track all day. After the six hours I got dressed up and practiced starts with them, did a front brake moto, a stand up moto, then just had some good ole fun! The guys were beyond tired by the end, but were super pleased with the lesson and that made me really happy. I think next week I am going to set up what I call a “young guns” class for 10 and under. I am so excited!!!

   Huge Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me, Asselstine’s Country, Gamma Sales, Windmill Motorsports, Fly Racing, Dragon Optics, Forma, Boardwalk Dental, Ryno Power Supplements, Actionetix, Atlas, Hindle, all of my friends, my girlfriend Shai, and my family. I couldn’t be more thankful for w

   Well that’s a wrap up on my past week now time for my quick photo report!


I really thought this crash would do well in a photo contest on Facebook, apparently I was wrong!


One of the most fun tracks I’ve ever ridden! Say hello to Tilbilly MX.


The cabin is a hot spot at Tilbilly MX, it’s a redneck luxury estate!


Wildlife is everywhere you look at Tilbilly MX.


Bowl turns are a big change up and a whole lot of fun to make cool lines in!


I have a feeling you could see a Windmill Motorsports poster in the near future.


Jeff at Gamma Sales has top notch product! Contact Asselstine’s Country or Gamma Sales to get your style on!


Thanks for tuning in!

Just Smiley

    Thanks for dropping in to read up on my new post! I’d just like to thank everyone who has been following my posts and I love all the hype! Last weekend my website was even brought up over the announcements at an ANQ at Sand Del Lee MX Park!

     Unfortunately last weekend at Sand Del Lee did not go the way I had planned. I had some ups and downs, but primarily downs. I raced my very first Pro AM and Intermediate race and it was a big eye opener. I did have one good moto in Pro AM as i finished 14th out of 26 on Saturday morning. I never really got in my groove and never showed my true potential. The worst part was not my riding tho, as Sunday morning I had a crash in first practice and ended my day with a mild concussion.

     This past week I have been taking it easy trying to get back to 100% as concussions are risky business. My rehab has been pretty simple as the concussion wasn’t very bad. I have been busy this week doing some work with sponsors as well as looking for new supporters. I came up with some really cool promoting ideas and can’t wait to get them underway. Gamma Sales has been wicked to me in 2013 and I couldn’t be happier with the way things are going. They are a Canadian business who support, so many Canadian athletes,  be sure to click their logo on my Sponsors page to visit their site.

    I’m going to try something new and do a really short photo report of my past week! Please disregard my amateur photography and feedback is much appreciated!


Kolbie is a top notch promoter! Here he models his Chic Bowtique, Dragon Optics Bow!


Kyle Blakely ( owner of Windmill Motorsports ) demonstrates true dedication as he preforms a late evening fork seal change on the tail gate of his Ranger.


Jeff at Gamma Sales loves to send surprises.


Chag Racing is always snapping pics out at Sand Del Lee. Here I preform perfect technique.


I got some coverage in the DMX photo report 🙂 Thanks Kyle/ Dawn


Although I couldn’t ride I had lot’s of time to teach the neighbors how to ride with no training wheels.


I was a hit at Hunter’s birthday party as I gave every kid a tour!


Kelston had a blast for his very first time on a dirt bike.


This day has been long awaited for Hunter. If this kid gets a bike all I can say is look out Walton you are going to have a new 50cc champ!


This says it all!

Feeling Good!

image image image

Hey everyone sorry I haven’t posted much this week! I’ve been very very busy with riding and training. I’m feeling better then ever right now and I’ve finally gotten rid of my arm pump. I have been consistently riding 22-32 minute Moto’s and at a good pace the whole time. I’m confident, strong physically, and mentally. I am feeling really good coming into this weekend at Sand Del Lee Mx Park.

This past week I was given an amazing opportunity to go to the local Catholic school and give a presentation to the kids about motocross. It was so much fun all the kids took turns sitting on my bike and trying on different articles of my gear. They had some very interesting questions and never had a dull moment. At the end I signed some pics for the kids and donated a jersey to the class. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it went.

I’d just like to thank everyone who has been helping me out Asselstines, Windmill Motorsports, DMX, Fly Racing, Dragon Optics, Gamma Sales, Forma, Boardwalk Dental, Ryno Power, Actionetix, Hindle, GP8 Sportwater, Dad, Mom, Shai, all of my family, friends, and the St. John De Brebeuf School.

Tough Times.

     This past weekend the weather here in Southern Ontario looked alot like what you should have in MARCH!!! Saturday the temperature dropped down to about 5 degrees Celsius, with light rain and wind. Most of the tracks here were closed as they prepared for Sunday races.

Sunday morning I was up around 5:30 A.M and walked outside to a very unpleasant 0 Degrees. I threw a coat on and some gloves, then went outside, packed up and headed out to Swiona MX Park. When we arrived it was very windy and cold. The track was in pretty good shape tho, and looked to be a really fun track. I was super pumped with the amount of riders and talent that showed up for this TVR race. Kids like Nathan Bles, Drew Roberts, and Zack Zagger all showed up and made for a very competitive Expert and Open Gp Class.  Unfortunately after two moto’s the rain caught up to us and the race was done.

I am having some issues so far this season with Arm Pump. My first moto almost every weekend consists of me struggling to hold on to the bars. My mechanic Kyle and I have been working hard on suspension to try and help me, I’ve been riding more and doing so many different things to try and help. It has gotten better and better, but I am still struggling, especially in the mornings. I guess all I can do is race through it and practice, practice, and once again practice! I have far from given up and with all of the support I have this season I know I will get to where I want to be!

Sorry to everyone for my slow start to the season, but I am more than determined to prove myself so watch for the number 105!

Huge thanks to everyone who stands behind me, Kyle from Windmill Motorsports, Everyone at Asselstines country, Jeff from Gamma Sales Inc, Fly Racing, Dragon Optics, Forma, Hindle, Ryno Power Supplements, Actionetix, Boardwalk Dental, GP8 Sportwater, Tailored Body Fitness, DMX, Mom, Dad, Shai-Lynn, and all of my friends. IMG_8560 IMG_2036 IMG_2781 IMG_8347


     I don’t know about you but this weather makes me one happy camper! Over the past 10 days I’ve been taking full advantage of this weather that we have been blessed with. My moto’s are getting longer and I’m finally getting that good feel back. This past Sunday I did a local race that turned out to have some really good competition.

Open Pro – DNF – 4th for 6th overall250 Pro    – 1st – 2nd  for 1st overall

It was a great race with some epic battles and solid finishes. I am now training to prepare for my first CMRC Intermediate race at Sand Del Lee MX Park on May 25-26. My goals are to be consistently in the top ten and get some good starts. Basically try to get my feet wet and see where i stand. 


Weekend Off…

    This past weekend my girlfriend and I traveled seven hours home to Rideau Ferry ( near Ottawa ). Saturday I spent the day at our towns  Maple Festival, which was a blast it was really cool to run into some old friends and bring back some good memories. Saturday evening I was helping Kyle from Windmill Motorsports set up some sand suspension for me. Then we all spent the night cheering on Jason Anderson as he took his first ever Supercross lites win. Also congratulations to Ryan Villipoto on his third straight Supercross title.

Sunday was a rough day as we said our final goodbye to my Grandma. She was an amazing women and always inspired me to do what I love. I will always look up to her, respect her, and love her. RIP .        My 2013 season will be dedicated to my Grandmother. My new number 105 stands for tenth month, fifth day as that was her birthday.

  Thanks again to everyone who has been helping me out. I appreciate all of the enthusiasm and support. Asselstines Country, Windmill Motorsports, Dragon Optics, Fly Racing, Forma, GP8 Sportwater, Boardwalk Dental, Actionetix, Ryno Power Supplements, Tailored Body Fitness, Hindle, DMX, my family who always has my back, my friends, and my girlfriend Shai for being my inspiration, driving buddy, coach, pit girl, and everything else. Thanks Everyone.


It’s been a crazy week! The last six days feel like they have literally gone by at the speed of light. I’ve been in Tailored Body Fitness every second day, running everyday, and riding everyday. I’m improving quickly and finally starting to loose this dreaded arm pump. Tomorrow will be my day off riding and it will consist of work, sponsor hunting, and a late night training session with my trainer Josh from Tailored Body Fitness. My first big race will be on May 4th at Sand Del Lee Mx Park in Richmond, Ontario. I will be racing the number 105 on my Suzuki RMZ 250 practice bike as I don’t have the funds to finish my race bike at this time. My goals for Sand Del Lee are – Get good starts
– Be consistently in the top ten 

– Finish each moto strong
– Promote my sponsors and have fun

Big thanks to everyone who makes this possible! Asselstines Country, Windmill Motorsports, Dragon Optics, Fly Racing, Gamma Sales, GP8 Sportwater, Boardwalk Dental, Forma, LB Graphix, Tailored Body Fitness, Ryno Power Supplements, Actionetix, My Family, Friends, Girlfriend Shai, and everyone who follows my posts. image(1) image